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Would you like to be a part of the OLIOLI family? As a bowler at OLIOLI, you become part of a unique team with strong relationships, high speed, and spirit.Our passion is to make sure everyone gets the best experience. Especially our employees atOLIOLI. The most important thing for us is to create a good atmosphere behind the bar, even if busy. In our family, we have room for everyone, good laughs, and new friendships.We strive to create friendships outside of work, and at the same time, we focus on personal development in our team. If you want to share your good mood and smile with others, thensend us an application.We are always looking for new bowlers in our OLIOLI family. Never hold back in yourapplication. We want to get to your personality - not a refined version that looks good on paper!

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Bowler, 21 yr

"The mood is always high"

OLIOLI cracked the code on how to make it fun to work. The mood is always high. If you have a bad day before the beginning of a shift, your mood will change to be positive. What I like the most about the job are my colleagues. We have a good understanding of each other and a great energy level behind the bar. When you hang out behind the bar for many hours we bond with our colleagues fast and build up strong relationships. We develop socially with our colleagues and our service level increases over time to our customers. When working at OLIOLI you quickly learn how to take responsibility and use the skill to tackle new challenges that occur. It can be a little daunting at first, but becomes a cool learning experience that can be used both at work and in leisure.”

Bar Manager, 21 yr
Gammel Kongevej

"We are a group of friends working."

OLIOLI is a great place to work because it balances a good private community and a professional workplace. Everyone takes their job seriously. At the same time, we are a group of friends working. Your managers are both a manager as well as a good friend. It creates a unique atmosphere and makes it fun togo to work every single day. OLIOLI has taught me how to take responsibility. Working for the company has opened my eyes to working my way up in an industry I had not immediately seen myself having a career in, and that is only on the basis of it being a fantastic workplace.

Klara Fjordbøge
Financial Student Assistant, former Bar Manager, 22 yr

"Der er ikke en dag jeg fortryder at jeg helt tilfældigt endte op her"

When I started working at OLIOLI, I thought the job was only for my gap year before changing course in my life workwise. OLIOLI turned out to be the perfect job: a great atmosphere, amazing colleagues and new friendships. It has been much more than just that. It is a workplace with great involvement on a daily basis. The opportunities for professional and personal development have exceeded all my expectations. OLIOLI led mein a direction I never thought I would go. My acquired skills from work are used every single day in my education and vice versa. Working at OLIOLI you are surrounded by fun, ambitious and inspiring people. The exact same people have brightened my lifewith smiles and good days, both during working hours and outside. I’ll never regret that I happened to end up here.

Anthon Raaberg
Teamleader, 23 yr

"OLIOLI is not just a job for those who need to work in the gap year"

Working at OLIOLI is many things. The greatest benefit is the community and atmosphere OLIOLI creates inside and outside the bar. Sometimes the job can be challenging when pressing situations arise. When everything comes to an end we always manage to get through withsmiles and the feeling of joy to meet up at work the day after. OLIOLI is not just a job for those who need to work in the gap year. We have room for those who have higher ambitions too. When working at OLIOLI you get the opportunity to grow in the company and receive more responsibilities over time. It is motivating you can make a career path within OLIOLI - it gives more personality to OLIOLI.