Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Poke bowl and where does it originally come from?

The original concept of Poke Bowl is with fish, rice, and seaweed. At OLIOLI we chose to reinterpret the concept. We add on flavors from the Asian cuisine and crispy vegetables from the Nordic cultures. Poke Bowls originate from Hawaii, but the concept is widely used among other places such as California.

What does OLIOLI mean?

OLIOLI is defined as joy in Hawaiian, where the concept originated. Joy is the whole essence of our concept.

Where can I find allergens?

Click here to se see them.

Have our fish been frozen down?

We have frozen down our tuna for the required 24 hours before serving. Our salmon has not been frozen as it is farmed and has lived in controlled, stream-filled waters. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has considered it to be an unnecessary procedure. The way we serve our salmon gives a more delicious and completely fresh result.

Can I order online?

You can order online here, have it ready for pickup or delivered at your convenience.

The definition of “Poke” and how to pronounce it?

Poke means cutting fish into small cubes, and that's exactly the composition of our PokeBowls. In Hawaiian “Poke Bowls” is pronounced “Poh-key”.

What is Goma dressing?

A sour-sweet sesame sauce.

Where are the fish from?

We get our salmon from farmed fish areas in Norway which are controlled in stream-filled waters. Our tuna is from Vietnams and is the freshest catch.

Where do I apply for a job?

Send us your appilcation and CV to and tell us why it should be you, who will be joining Team OLIOLI!

Write us a mail if you have an inquiry

All inquiries are received at