In the center of Amagerbrogade, OLIOLI opened the sixth store right in this neighborhood. We are having several of nice restaurants in the area of 50 metres, which means you are in the middle of foodmekka on Amager. We are serving fresh and delicious Poké Bowls, colorful juices and hot coffee.

We have several options for free parking and a wide open space for outdoor seatings.

Welcome to restaurant Amager

OLIOLI islocated in the heart of Amagerbrogade, and opened store number 6 here. Beingneighbor to a lot of fantastic dining places the restaurant will fit in well onAmagerbrogade. Here we serve fresh produce in our Poké Bowls and deliciousjuices as well as a bunch of coffee. It’s easy to find a parking spot and thewide pavement makes it possible to enjoy your meal outside.

In ourrestaurant you can, as always, freely choose between a selection of freshlymade Poke Bowls from ‘The Standards’ or design your own unique bowl with our“Build Your Own” concept. Come by our restaurant in Amager in the middle of theday or later in the evening and we’ll guarantee, that you’ll find something tosatisfy any thurst or hunger you may have.  Our PokéBowls contain a lot of the same ingredients that you may know from sushi.

However, don’t you fancy raw salmon or tuna, then we luckily also offer a wideselection in which you’ll find marinated beef, tofu and a lot more. See the menu for restaurant Amager.


The joy hasfinally come to Amager. OLIOLI Means ‘Joy’ in Hawaiian, and we’re lookingforward to serve a lot of happy customers in our store every day.  Therestaurant that you find on Amagerbrogade 146 is the second newest addition inthe OLIOLI family with its opening in December 2019.

Come by and try a freshlymade Poké Bowl with family and friends, perhaps you’d even want to combine yourmeal with one of our delicious juices.  Our PokeBowls are full of crispy vegetables that provide a great color-play when combined with meat, tofu or another topping.

The owners’ Asian and Nordic rootsalso influenced our Hawaiian poke bowls, that contain ingredients and various flavors from all corners of our planet. If it’s the first time you’re trying one of our Poke Bowls, we recommend you stick to one of the bowls from ‘TheStandards’.  No matterwhat you’re into, our great staff is ready to guide you through the entire menu or help you combine your very own unique and personal bowl.


At OLIOLI you can have your lunch or dinner delivered directly to your door when orderingtake away through our website. Just like in our other stores, in Amager you can also design your own unique bowl and have it delivered to your door.

The food is served in a closed bowl, so you never have to worry about putting it into your bicycle basket on the go. Are you in another part of town, then you can alsovisit our store, restaurant Frederiksberg.

Come by our store or order online from our restaurant in Amager. We are ready to serve colorful Poké Bowls and freshly squeezed juices from 11:00 AM to 21:00 PM.

Wanna follow the adventure of OLIOLI behind the scenes, then go ahead and check us out on Facebook & Instagram.