Welcome to Copenhagen Airport

During the summer of 2019, we were able to welcome travelers for the first time in our newest restaurant at Copenhagen Airport. Guests can stop by OLIOLI for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from early morning to late evening. You will find OLIOLI in the Food Court Airside, Terminal 2 between gate A and B in Copenhagen Airport.

Transithallen, Københavns Lufthavn, 2770 Kastrup (Food Court Airside)
+45 33 21 01 21

Hello Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport is an international spot. Every year millions of people go through the airport: business travelers, lovers on a weekend trip, and families on their summer holidays. You will find OLIOLI in the new food court in Terminal 2 between A and B. We offer a healthy and tasty alternative to the travelers.

Smoothie & Poke Bowls

We've created something special for the guest in Copenhagen Airport. You can get our delicious and tasty smoothie bowls. Choose from tropical berries, choco banana, green moringa, and classic acai. All of our smoothie bowls are packed with vitamins and superfoods like acai and moringa. Similar to our other restaurants, you can order colorful and filling Poke Bowls, originally from Hawaii. At OLIOLI our bowls consist of tasty ingredients and sauces from Japan, Korea, and Thailand. We have put together a number of bowls in advance. We call them The Standards. The Standards are composed so the flavors, sauces and vegetables harmonize. At OLIOLI we offer Poke bowls that are suitable for those who are vegan, vegetarian or maybe do not prefer raw fish. We've made it easy for you to choose from The Standards so you can get them on the plane and just have to think about eating delicious food. We are always ready to guide you in your choice of Poke Bowls when you visit our restaurant at Copenhagen Airport. At OLIOLI you can also get freshly squeezed and flavored juice that is delightfully fresh.

Visit us at Copenhagen Airport

We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant at Copenhagen Airport. We will serve you a healthy alternative to regular fastfood. Enjoy one of our filling smoothie bowls for breakfast or a colorful poke bowl for lunch and dinner. If you prefer to take along your food on the journey, you do as you please. Our restaurant at Copenhagen Airport is open every day from6 am to 22 pm, except on Saturday, where we close at 20 pm.

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We look forward to welcoming you to OLIOLI.

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