You will find OLIOLI on the main street in Lyngby. We promise you colorful and tasteful Poke Bowls. When you step into the universe of OLIOLI you will experience a cozy environment and a good vibe. Our English speaking employees will make sure you smile after each visit to the restaurant.

Enjoy your Poke Bowl inside our restaurant, in the backyard during the summer or take it with you back home as take away. We are ready to serve you whenever the hunger shows up.


Lyngby is the fourth city where OLIOLI has opened a restaurant. We are satisfied with the location. It gives customers the opportunity to have freshly made juice and filling Poke Bowl right by hand.


Poke Bowls are originally from Hawaii. The concept is a mix of salad and sushi. In our restaurants, you can choose between Poke Bowls with fresh salmon, tuna or shrimp. Do you prefer something other than raw fish? We can serve you marinated beef, duck or tofu.

Our Poke Bowls are spiced up with ingredients from Asian cuisine. If you prefer building your own Poke Bowl, you choose your favorite ingredients. If you are together with your family, girlfriend or boyfriend, come buy our restaurant to grab a nice meal. Do you need an easy lunch on the go or a healthy and tasteful lunch? You can order take away from our OLIOLI restaurant.


We are two guys who created the restaurant OLIOLI. Both of us have roots in Asia, and we have united them in a modern and nordic style. It can be seen in our Poke Bowls, choices of drinks and the décor itself. Take a look at the entire menu here. A poke Bowl at OLIOLI has it all. In addition to giving you a colorful and tasteful experience we always guarantee fresh fish, meat, crispy vegetables, and delicious sauces when you buy one of our salads. If you can’t decide which of the standard Poke Bowls to choose, you can always create your own. You can get exactly what your heart desires. Whether you choose one of our regular Poke Bowls or mix your own, we guarantee a delicious, fresh and filling meal. In the restaurant in Lyngby, we have room for approximately 20 guests. In addition, we have a cozy backyard where you can enjoy your dinner during the summer.


If you want to pass by to taste our colorful Poke Bowls or freshly made juices, you will find our restaurant OLIOLI at the main street of Lyngby: Hovedgade 74, 2800 Kongens Lyngby.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, if you want to be a part of our journey and a colorful universe full of joy. Here you can be inspired to choose what Poke Bowl you would like the next time.We are open all weekdays from 11 am to 21 pm.

You are more than welcome to give us a call on +45 33 21 01 21 and press “4” to get in contact.We look forward to welcoming you to OLIOLI.