Close to the popular and busy spot, Trianglen, you will find our restaurant in Østerbro. In our restaurant, we mainly do take away. We only have seats for 14 guests. However, we have more spots in front of the restaurant during the summer where you can enjoy your lunch in the sun.Every day, our energetic and smiling employees are ready to guide you through our selection of brightly colored bowls and freshly squeezed juices.


The restaurant is located in the heart of Østerbro close to the Lakes and a short walk from the popular park, Fælledparken. The central location makes the restaurant easy to visit. If you would like a healthy and tasty dinner we recommend you to swing by. We are ready to serve Poke Bowls and vitamin-rich juices for lunch and dinner every day of the week.


The Hawaiian Poke Bowl is colorful and filling. It is full of crunchy vegetables, raw fish or meat. The citizens of Copenhagen have been taken by storm with the colorful Poke Bowls. Only your imagination limits how you put together your bowls. Our bowls reflect the Hawaiian Poke Bowl, our Asian roots, and the everyday life in the Nordic culture. This combination is reflected by the ingredients and flavors in the Poke Bowls at OLIOLI. Decide for yourself what ingredients you would like in your Poke Bowl. First, you decide the base of the Poke Bowl. Choose between different types of rice or our vegetable mix. Then select the main ingredient, three kinds of vegetables, sauces and finally your topping. Is it the first time you order a Poke Bowl? We recommend you try one of The Standards. Our knowledgeable employees are ready to guide you through our menu at our restaurant in Østerbro. Take a look at our entire menu here.


In our restaurant OLIOLI at Østerbro, you can choose between The Standards or mix your own Poke Bowls. Our Poke Bowls are perfect for take away as fish and vegetables are cut into cubes and cooked nicely in a closed bowl. You can easily throw your bowl in the basket of a bike, go for a ride and bring food for your trip.


Vi glæder os til at byde dig velkommen i vores restaurant Østerbro. Her står vi klar hver dag til at lave smagfulde og farvestrålende Poke Bowls til dig. Har du spørgsmål til voresafdeling på Østerbro, kan vi kontaktes på +45 33 21 01 21 og trykke ”3” for at komme igennem.

Vil du følge med i OLIOLIS eventyr og holdet bag, kan du følge os på Facebook og Instagram.

Ellers kig forbi vores restaurant, vi holder åbent hverdag fra kl. 11.00 til 21.00Vi ser frem til at byde dig velkommen hos OLIOLI.